Expertise matters

Qualification & Experience

Put your language learning needs into professional hands — because qualification and subject-matter competence are vital factors that decide upon your learning outcome.
I hold a MA Degree in English, German and French from one of Europe's top translation faculties and several additional certifications for teaching English and German as a Foreign Language. With over fifteen years experience in teaching languages at international state and private schools and universities, I am able to help you achieve the results you need in educational and academic exams or catching up with your peers.

Qualifications in a nutshell:

  • MA Degree in English, German, French
  • Cambridge ESOL Level 5 CELTA Certification
  • Cambridge IGCSE First Language English (0500)
  • German as a Foreign Language (A1-C1, Goethe, Telc, TestDaF, DSH)
  • 15 years of teaching experience

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One-on-One Tuition Offers

As an education expert with long years of teaching experience, I provide professional language tutoring that is tailored to your individual needs in learning English, German or French.
I work with learners at all levels — from primary to secondary school and right through to university. Depending on your needs, tuitions may address all four language skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking) and cover all proficiency levels from beginners to advanced (A1 to C1 according to the European Reference Frame).
Tutees may have various reasons to opt for private lessons: it may be out of a strong personal interest in a language or the imperative of meeting the standards of academic examinations at school or university. Professional tutoring paves the way for you to succeed in entrance or final exams at schools and universities, as well as in unit tests, educational quizzes and term papers. It helps you revise ahead of graded assessments or keep abreast of class progress in general.
Tutoring does not only intend to support you in achieving fast-track educational development but also to instill confidence and valuable skills for you to tackle your professional development, e.g. job interviews, corporate communications and business project presentations.
The fee for a one-on-one tuition lesson starts at 18 BD. One lesson is 60 minutes.
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English Tuitions

Get a grip on English.

English is the most important language in today's world — in education, science and engineering, with most of the research being published in that language. English is also the dominant language on the internet and in the global marketplace.
One-on-one tuitions allow you to work at your own pace and focus on the areas that need the most attention: whether it may be reading, writing, speaking, listening comprehension, grammar, spelling, or punctuation. Private tutoring is especially helpful in the following fields:
Exam preparation ✓   helps you revise ahead of any graded assessment — from educational quizzes throughout the term to unit tests, term papers and mid- and final examinations at the end of the term or the academic year. Some exams may decide about the future path of your life: school leaving examinations or entrance exams to schools and universities. Beside that, I support you in succeeding in standard English language proficiency tests, such as IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, ESOL, IGCSE, and other Cambridge English Examinations.
Business English ✓   is indispensable at the workplace. A smooth and convincing command of English is not only essential in everyday corporate communication but also to boost your career with a successful job interview, business negotiation or project presentation.
Keeping pace ✓   with the learning speed is sometimes all what it takes. Regular private tuitions help you catch up with past course work and stay abreast with your peers. Also adequate for students with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, or concentration problems.

International English Language Testing System & Test of English as a Foreign Language         Test of English for International Communication         English for Speakers of Other Languages         International General Certificate of Secondary Education        

Key English Test (KET-A2)         Preliminary English Test (PET-B1)         First Certificate in English (FCE-B2)         Certifcate in Advanced English (CAE-C1)         Certifcate of Proficiency in English (CPE-C2)
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German Tuitions

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Germany is one of the most important countries in Europe, in both the political and industrial sector. It is renowned for manufacturing and engineering — BMW, Mercedes, Audi and VW are the most exported products. Learning the language also opens you the doors to other German-speaking countries: Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Germany has excellent education standards and university tuition fees are among the lowest worldwide.
German Tutoring ✓   is suited both for learners with a strong personal interest in the language or a clear goal in front of their eyes. The tuitions aim for you to make equal progress in all skills of the language (reading, writing, speaking, listening) and may accompany you along all learning levels from A1, A2 over B1 and B2 to C1. You will get professional support to help you succeed in the officially recognized language proficiency tests, such as Goethe Zertifikat and Telc.
German for Business ✓   helps you enlarge your vocabulary, prepare yourself for interviews, meetings and events, for writing CVs or business letters and making phone calls. You will learn to understand the differences between casual speech and formal language for business communication and get prepared for conversations at work — whether it may be demanding business negotiations or simple small talk with colleagues.
Study in Germany ✓   because Germany is one of the top study destinations in Europe. German universities are well-known for the world-class education and cutting-edge research opportunities. At the same time, tuition fees rank among the lowest worldwide. As a German native, I offer you the best preparation for the university entrance examinations TestDaF and DSH. I assist you in choosing study program and university, preparing your university application and finding an appropriate accommodation. I guide you through all steps of the visa procedure and get you ready for the visa interview at the German embassy in Bahrain.

Goethe Zertifikat         Telc Prüfung         TestDaF Prüfung         DSH Hochschulzugang
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French Tuitions

Apprenez le français !

France is not only one of the most historic countries in Europe and a popular travel destination. It is also a country with a strong academic and artistic tradition whose universities are ranked among the world's best educational institutions. Still, they have very affordable tuition fees.
French Tuitions ✓   help you get a grip on the language whether you want to spend a vacation in Paris, la cité de l'amour, whether you learn the language out of a personal interest or whether you study to pass a certain profiency test. The tuitions support you in training grammar and all four language skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening) along all learning levels from A1, A2 over B1 and B2 to C1. The tuitions may prepare you for the official French language exams, Diplôme d'études en langue française  (DELF), Diplôme approfondi de langue française  (DALF) and Test de connaissance du français  (TCF), which are approved by the French Ministry of Education.
Study in France ✓   because the country has one of the most prestigious educational systems in the world. Numerous universities offer a wide range of study subjects and research opportunities in modern facilities. French universities traditionally welcome students from across the globe and the government facilitated the visa process for foreign students in 1998. Having lived and studied in France, I am perfectly able to help you prepare for your DELF B2 level certification, which is the level test for admission to a French university, and advise you in matters related to your study abroad.

Diplôme d'études en/approfondi de langue française (DELF/DALF)         Test de connaissance du français (TCF)
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